VICTEMA LLC is a, privately owned, Romanian company, established in 2002 that specializes in:

  • PVC and aluminum;
  • Aluminum curtain walls;
  • PVC and aluminum accessories;

Due to the excellent cooperation that we have with our suppliers, VICTEMA LLC offers a wide range of PVC and aluminium profiles as well as various types of windows,  varying both aesthetically and from a structural point of view.

Qualified and experienced technical personnel provide the necessary premise for achieving high quality. We have specialists who not only mastered the technological aspects of producing regular windows, but also more complex technologies (for instance, those regarding sliding elements).

This experience has been gained by our employees during the extensive training that each have undergone. Moreover, their penchant for excellence derives from ensuring the highest standard of quality work and by using carefully chosen materials that come from leading suppliers.

VICTEMA’S MISSION is to develop into a solid company, based on harmonious and productive relationships, both internally and externally. Establishing these relationships as mutually beneficial is an essential stepping stone towards reaching our goal of ensuring complete satisfaction for beneficiaries, whilst at the same time generating and maintaining a healthy, stimulating work environment.

Such a mission can only be accomplished when the relationship between the parties involved is based on trust, mutual respect and ensuring the highest quality of work standards.

We strive to ensure that our projects reach this highest level of quality and the company prides itself with the fact that so far our customers’ requirements and expectations have been fully satisfied.